Blah Blah Blahs

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Do you ever get the “blahs”? Like nothing comes to you…you are waiting and maybe even digging in different places for inspiration.

I had this happen…actually, it’s been happening the last few weeks. (oddly around the birth of this very blog) I took the plunge and started this blog because I wanted to share my story – a story of redemption, a transparent person, a momma, a grandma, a sister, a wife, a friend, a wanna be cook, and a Christian – not written in order of perference or priority.

My mind seems stuck. Maybe I’m thinking too hard about what the reader will want to read. Maybe it’s time to remind myself that it doesn’t matter what others think – it’s what I know – and yet fear still steers on occassion.

The preacher asked of us this weekend, Where do i need to trust God more? I truly believe I need to trust God more with ALL of ME!! As stated above, I still “worry” about what others think of me. If I talk too much about my faith, then I will be unrelateable….If I don’t talk enough about my faith, then I’m not authentic…If I don’t talk about my past, then I’m not transparent…If I talk too much about my past, I become the product of gossip and judgment – and the vicious cycle continues.

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Do you know or recall that satan is first found in the Bible attacking Eve’s mind? Read in Genesis 3. The serpent asked Eve a question and she answers back with her version of what God had restricted – to not even touch the tree – and the serpent just rides piggy back on her incorrect assumption. The serpent is so dramatic. – but just wait, Adam and Eve are coming with the drama big time – introduction of the first victim drama act, the blame game – no one is taking responsibility for the actions they were so sure of just moments before. Isn’t that just like us. To make excuses for why we act the way we do – or perhaps excuses for inaction. There are consequences immediately that we are still feeling today. enmity between me and the snake – for sure, pains in childbirth – check mark times two, we planted our garden this weekend (one task that actually brings joy to us now) but the work we do at our jobs to be able to eat is the toil we have now. One day we will return to the dust. Thank God there is hope in that as well.

Our mind is a powerful thing. Set out on it’s own to wander, can be disasterous. But setting our minds on Christ and things above (eternity) – well that’s where clarity happens. So today, if I can encourage you in one thought in the midst of my rambling, trust God. Get into His Word and let His Word get into you. Just like me today, not knowing what to write – once you start you will wonder what the big deal was to getting started. James is a great book to begin with!! What are you waiting for? GO!

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